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Kaleb Cowart – Los Angeles Angels

“Shippie breaks things down in a way that’s easy to understand if you’re 6 or if you’re 40, he has a really good way of explaining the basic fundamentals that you build on as you grow older. When I was 8 years old Shippie explained to me how to be a switch hitter, I still switch hit today.  Shippie was a MAJOR part of teaching me the fundamentals early on.

For a player that’s in this area, there is not a better person to teach the fundamentals, especially to kids.  Shippie always sings, he’s comical, just when it gets too serious he breaks the tension in some way.  He keeps the kids attention and respect at ALL times.  Shipman is an all around genuine guy who wants kids to succeed he treats them like his own. Baseball is all mental, you can have all the skills in the world but if you’re mind’s not right you’ve got nothing.  Shipman puts the mental aspect in place.

I don’t know how else to put it but I would not be the ballplayer I am today without Shipman.”

Kaleb Cowart, Los Angeles Angels, First Round Draft Pick 2010

Rene Cowart – Kaleb Cowart’s father

“Shipman gave us a rock solid foundation to start on.  Based on solid mechanics.  When you have a good foundation like that you are bound to succeed.  Kaleb had the physical capacity to take that to the next level, but Shipman built the foundation. I took what I learned by watching Kaleb work with Shipman and brought it home and incorporated it into our own practices.

He gets on their level and gets their attention, I don’t know how he does it…. I wish I could figure it out, he grabs their attention and HOLDS IT. He will have your kid doing things you NEVER imagined possible!

It’s unreal what he can bring out of a child.”

Robert Paulk – New York Mets  

“Brad made me into the best pitcher that I could be.  From the mental aspect of the game all the way down to the simplicity of  how I carried my myself on and off the field.  Brad is very good at what he does, and that is shaping and molding players to reach thier  highest potential.  As good as he was with teaching me the mechanics and mental side of pitching, he also taught me about life.  When you get Brad as an instructor or coach you get above and beyond what you’re going to get from other coaches; even professional coaches.  In him you get someone who has your best interest at heart as a player and a friend.  I know that from my my personal experience.”

Robert Paulk played shortstop and pitched at Madison County High for Coach Brad Porter, pitched for him at North Florida Community College, and then played 9 years of professional baseball after being selected in the 2002 MLB draft by the New York Mets.

Michael Swinson – St. Louis Cardinals

Michael Swinson played centerfield at Coffee High for Coach Porter and is currently in his 5th year of professional baseball after being selected in the 12th round 0f the 2008 MLB draft by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Javon Moran – Philadelphia Phillies

“As a youth coming up Ship was very influential not only in the physical part of baseball, but also the mental side .  He instilled the little things in the game that boosted me to that next level over my opponent.  If you are looking for a great instructor that knows the game and wants to help you improve, not only as a player but also a person, then Robert Shipman is your guy.”

Johnny Ard – Minnesota Twins

Johnny Ard Played with Robert Shipman in the late 80's. Over the years they became friends.

“When I first met Shipman in the 80’s, he had an old pair of cleats, like they were from the 1930’s, I told him they looked like Flathead catfish! We still laugh about that today!!

Seriously though, Shipman is a no nonsense guy, he treats every player like they are his own.  Everyone is family.  He propels the kids to perform.  Over time he becomes each players personal mentor. He gets to know the kids. I played pro ball for 8 years, and I had my kids attend shipman’s camp.  Heck, I even learned a few new things.

As far as hitting in this area, Shipman is unmatched.  Hands down.”

A Day at Genesis Baseball Academy – Parent Testimonial

The South Georgia sun has just begun to make it’s daily climb.  The freshly manicured infield is yet to have a single footprint.  The small group of 7yr to 10yr old boys look undersized sitting on the high school dugout bench, yet with eager anticipation they sit.  There’s something about a dugout… a field… the smell, the feel… the taste that just makes you want to PLAY BALL!!

Coach Robert Shipman and Brad Porter make their way into the dugout and introduces themselves to all the kids.  They explain to the kids and their parents what the day will entail.  “We are going to learn, and we are going to be tested. ”  Shipman explains, “You will end the day a better ball player, but if you don’t take what you learn here home and continue to practice the day will have all been for nothing”.

Shipman goes on to explain his history with the game of baseball.  With one son playing in the majors, one son playing in college and he himself a former major leaguer, it’s not hard to appreciate that this man knows the game.  With over 20k baseball students under his belt he instantly begins to form a relationship with each student.  He asks what their favorite mlb player is, he asks what position they play.  He jokes and laughs to make the kids feel more comfortable. Then it’s time to hit the field!

Jaeger Bands are use to increase throwing velocity, arm strength and resiliance. The Jaeger bands go very far to prevent pitching or throwing injury.

After a good stretch the kids are introduced to the Jaeger Band system.  Nothing quite like seeing an 8yr old trying to figure out resistance bands!!  The coaches patiently explains and assists with each exercise.  The assistants also work with the kids providing almost a 1 on 1 environment for every child. After warm up a day of fundamentals and mechanics begins.

Porter works through the mechanics of throwing motions, Shipman the fielding motions with multiple drills and positions.  Teaching proper technique that these kids have never seen before in their little-league field practices.  The detail and depth into which they take the youths is truly amazing to watch. Little Leaguers learning Big League Mechanics. The boys are a bit shakey at first, but after a short while of patient instruction they start getting the hang of it.  The moves start looking more natural and less robotic.

Then it strikes me… Habits form early.. whether they be good or bad.  Genesis Baseball instills good ‘habits’ into these kids which (if practiced) will follow them through the rest of their lives.

As the day wears on the gnats seem to dissipate, or maybe I just get used to them.  The boys continue learning mechanics, on water breaks the boys hydrate and then run back with eagerness to meet with Coach Shipman and Coach Porter.  Wish I could get my little leaguers to be this motivated!! Next up is hitting.

Shipman begins by going over the core fundamental mechanics of the rotational swing.  You won’t hear any ‘swing down at the ball’ here.  Truly advanced hitting mechanics of the majors here.

At sessions’ end, the boys are swamped ‘goonage’ has definitely taken over, but Shipman and Porter are still going strong, they comment “I could do this all day long!!!”.  Which is good, because a second group of older players is beginning to arrive for the afternoon session.  They wrap up the day by giving the boys all homework.  200 practice swings using rotational swing mechanics every day until our next session.  They congratulates all the boys for their hard work and the day is done.

One thing that stood out at Genesis Academy was the attention to the mental side of the game.  I don’t know how to really put it in words and I could only wish to re-create it.  There’s just something about Genesis Baseball. There is truly baseball in the blood at Genesis Baseball Academy.

— Genesis Baseball Parent

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